27 May 2006

My part time job - taxi

I am running the son to Jeeralang today. I used to hear parents complain about running their kids around and dismissed it. I never realised how time consuming and interupting it is. A parent should be able to 'just say 'no'' but in reality you are then stuck with a long faced teenager behaving like a two year old. It is emotional blackmail. It works effectively for them as it did for me when I had the services of my parents. Actually my kids are pretty good really. They walk around town to many of the places they have to go and although they sometimes complain about this, most of the time they accept it as reality.


*Asha* said...

non mi piace, va bene???

Joh said...

Roughly translated as what? You know I hate it when you talk to me in that language I am not familiar with!

Let's try it:
No me something something very?