15 May 2006


I received a free tarot reading for mothers day this morning. I rushed through it and noticed of all the cards that I got the Death card. It is so appropriate for me right now. I have had a seriously busy week and lots of things have happened around me that I won't go into because they are mostly other people's stories and not mine to tell. I'll just say that some of my closest friends have been through harsh times. It hurts to see people you love hurt. I feel changed.
I got an email from another Tarot site that I used to read about the Death card meaning transformation. I guess it was there to insist even if I had been too rushed this morning to register it in the reading. I got it.
I have made some decisions about small changes I am going to instigate in my life.
My long time and treasured friend, Jane bought me this gorgeous treat from the bakery as a gift for a small favour I did and I couldn't possibly eat it without photographing it. The anticipation and visual deliciousness of it deserves sharing. I'll let you know if the taste measures up!

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Kat said...

awwww *hugs for Joh* -no particular reason, jst cos I haven't hugged you in ages and an internet one is the best I can do under the circumstances.
the treat from Jane looks delicious! isn't food just divine -i think i hav a much better appreciation for it. *lightbulb* you should come up here and i can take you to delicious fooooood.
much love, Kat
ps- it's my birthday soon!!