25 May 2006

Henna Powder, reading and lack of chocolate...

I have bought some henna powder. I remember back in the early nineties I used henna to color my hair. It wasn't grey then so I wonder how it will go. I know, all this obsession with hair is so unlike me. I wonder if the moon is in Leo or something, thus affecting my hair concern.
I have been continuing to enjoy my reading and have a pile of books that are distracting me from corrections. I really do find reading an effective way to cut off from stress. I love it.
I have ran out of chocolate tonight. I usually have a stash somewhere. The only chocolate in the house is Andy's dark chocolate Bilby that he has hoarded since Easter. I want to eat it .... it might go off!! I won't though because I respect others chocolate boundaries. I mean I couldn't very well scoff the bilby down and then expect that my own stashes would remain safe. I mean it is a fragile trust we all have with our individual pockets of chocolate.

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