03 May 2006

Gary Crew

I want to go to bed and read and I am about to after I write this. I love Gary Crew books. I am reading one at present called 'Edward Britton' that he cowrote with Philip someone, Nelson maybe, I really should check. If I was Philip I would be annoyed to read this. The chances are he won't so I will look it up another day because I can't spare the time right now to walk to my bedroom as it will deprive me of reading time.
I first 'met' Gary Crew's books in the picture book section of our school library. I loved his picture books and read as many as I could. I took 'The Lost Diamonds of Killercrankie' to Tasmania with me when I last went there on a holiday and it made the best holiday reading. I have used 'I Saw Nothing' with my year 7 classes for many years and I feel it introduces endangered species beautifully. I loved 'The Lacemakers Daughter' and was really surprised by it. Before embarking on the current book, I enjoyed 'Strange Objects'. I have used plenty of the other picture books, and there are plenty with my classes and the thing I love the most is that he has written so many. It's great.

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