09 April 2006

Watching and Reading and Cleaning

Those three words summarise my weekend. I have been watching some DVD's, romantic comedies that were enjoyable but not probably memorable and after having said that I don't even think I will mention their titles. I have read a bit online and put a couple of clips on Revver from the Broken Hill trip that I took earlier this year. I have finally taken the clothes off the line and washed some more and will be vacuuming and generally cleaning up this afternoon. I am also going to visit pa. I have done some offspring ferrying. Asha went to friends yesterday and then to a party last night. I actually went to bed early and set my alarm to go get her. I think I will do that more in future. Trying to stay up until young people have finished with their partying is a little unrealistic for me lately. I can't believe I used to be such a night owl. This entry is just blah blah blah..... I think I am avoiding housework.

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