14 April 2006


All religion aside, I find Easter to always be a very sacred time of the year for me. No matter whether I have been away camping with friends, celebrating togetherness with my family or having a restful and recuperative time, as I am this year, I always gain some inner knowledge or healing. I am more aware of it now and I look forward to the season. It has usually come as a string of realisations or one of those aha moments when I see my life or purpose with fresh eyes.
Being part of a school community has already made Easter special this year. Our school had our students walk to the local creek and get water to raise awareness and empathy with those who don't have water as readily available to them. It was a powerful experience for us all and I appreciate these things. It is always freeing for me to reflect on all the blessings I have. It is when I take things for granted that my life becomes mundane and I feel dissatisfied.

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