02 April 2006

Motorbike Ride

Today I went on the back of the bike with Andy. I haven't been on the back with Andy before. It was a thrill for me. We went to the supermarket. My exciting trip to Safeway!
I have only ever been on the back of a motorbike twice before. The first time was with my friend Steve, and he was trying to scare me and he did. I am ashamed to say I lost my moccasins that's how scary it was. Yes, it is the part about wearing moccasins that shames me. My next ride was around Berwick with my friend John. That ride was at night and it was to the shop, around the block. It was a big bike and I trusted John. It was probably about 20 years later.
Anyway today was only a little ride, but it was fun. Andy's bike is a dirt/road bike so it is smaller and bouncier. I enjoyed it. I was walking around the supermarket with a big grin on my face. I am pretty scared of motorbikes though. I just didn't think too much about it today.

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