11 April 2006

More time please

Right now I would like more time in my day.
I have so much I want to do and feel that I am rushing through from task to task and feeling impatient with things that waste any little second. The meeting schedule at work seems to have doubled this year and I can't understand why.
I know we have new curriculum to implement but we have better paid 'servant' leaders with larger time allowances and they are covering a smaller range than previous curriculum leaders had to, which by rights should save time.
A lot of the meetings are covering information that could be easily distributed in other ways. I find it highly amusing that we expect students to meet deadlines and learn new things yet there seems to be no trust or expectations that teachers can do this.
Often there really isn't room for imput or consultation and 'pretending' that is what a meeting is about is just insulting and annoying.
I should write all this on my work blog I suppose but it's probably not politically correct and I really haven't got time to discuss this with anyone right now- I am just having a vent! PS:
I have no photo of that but if you can imagine for a moment a cranky looking woman sitting in a meeting with too many other people to be effective silently grumbling to herself about why people still need to complain about things that are inevitable or explain blow by blow what they do in a classroom as if they are not in a room full (and I mean full) of people who do virtually the same things, yet don't need to go into detail about it, every chance they get. I mean who are they trying to convince?
Mmm I have gone on and on.

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