23 April 2006

Stroll through Morwell

Yesterday I had to go to Bunnings to get some more tiles for my mosaic. I have nearly finished putting all the tiles on and I am pleased about this. Andy suggested we go for a walk. I haven't been exercising much lately so I agreed it would be good. We left from Mid Valley and walked along a drain or a creek, under bridges and through really lovely groups of trees. It was a really pretty view of Morwell and it dispelled some of the impressions I have of Morwell.
I lived in Morwell in the mid eighties. I shared a house with friends close to the town centre. It was when Morwell was less abandoned and I enjoyed my time there.
Unfortunately the battery on my digital camera was flat or I would have taken more photo's. I had to use my phone camera. There were some really tranquil and pleasant pockets along the walk. It reminds me of the book I love by Thomas Moore "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life". In the book he talks about little corners of the world that are magical and special and good for your soul. I think that walk was good for my soul and I don't know why I so often resist things, which are good for me.

I also took this photo, of some mushrooms growing. I don't know if you can see them properly. They were the edible mushrooms not the magic ones! I remember around this time of the year going out into the paddocks around Drouin East near my Auntie Angela's house and coming back with buckets of mushrooms. I really enjoyed it. You don't really hear of kids going mushrooming much now. I wonder why?

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