26 May 2007

Ruth Ostrow

I rediscovered Ruth today. I am so delighted. She has a blog and I have subscribed to her feed, so I will never miss out again. I can she it's probably been going on for a while, yet I had given up looking for it and only found it today.
Her current article is about decluttering. I am doing a bit of that at present. I have storage space in this house but it's not really well organised. So I am getting right on that at present. I am letting go of piles of stuff. Sometimes very reluctantly but still, I expect I will get better with practise. Each time I make more space I get more ruthless with stuff.
In a bid to reduce paper waste and hopefully save a few trees, many years ago, I stopped buying newspapers. I found most things I love to read were online, but I couldn't find Ruth Ostrow's column on 'The Australian' website. I also occasionally enjoyed Susan Maushart. All in all everything else I loved about buying the weekend Australian was attainable elsewhere so to speak. You can now read the Weekend Australian, but it doesn't seem to be current, perhaps they wait until after the weekend and then publish it. I can wait.
I have been a fan of Mystic Medusa's website for years.

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