22 May 2007

Joss Stone CD

I just bought a Joss Stone CD that I have been wanting for ages and I can't play it on my computer in Media Player. I don't have any other CD player! What is the point of buying a CD if you can't play it? Grrrrrrr.

So, even though I have the CD, I still have the pleasure of listening to it, to look forward to.


Arliah said...

now because of the protecion laws on illegal downloading on the net, they have changed the CD's so that we cant play them on the computer and therefor upload it on the internet so other people cant download it.

it sucks!
ohh well i have my own ways of illegally downloading songs. lol

i still cant find the link to the thing for blogger!

Joh said...

I've added a comment on your blog on your latest post.
I have listened to the CD now in my mum's car, which I am lucky enough to be borrowing right now because my daughter is loaning mine. It's not bad...