26 January 2006

The Weir

The weir has extended my holidays now that we have returned home. The weather has been warm and each afternoon we have driven out and had a swim. I've enjoyed the water this year like no other since I was a kid. These holidays have lasted longer and been more pleasurable.

The first day we were there, a family of kids was in the water where we were swimming and it was fun listening to the kids conversations. One kid (a girl I think) jumped in and said "oooh seaweed." The boy replied "It's not seaweed, you goose, it's weir weed." It was funny. The weed put me off a little at first, but the rest was too good to be skittish about that. After all I walk through grass to get there, what's the big deal?

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Anonymous said...

yeh.awsome weir. comes complete with EELS!<3