05 January 2006

Quick note from Broken Hill

I am at the library at Broken Hill, using my last 10 minutes of time that I have left. This trip has been amazing. I have some great photo's to put up but all that will have to wait until I get home. Broken Hill is a great place, the people are so helpful and generous and friendly. The place we are staying in absolutely rocks thanks to the lady who cleans and cooks and chats. She is a real character and her cooking has been scrummy.
This morning we got up at dawn and went out to the sculptures in the Living Desert. It was fabulous because we went there last night at sunset and there were heaps of people there including a couple of loud people who wanted to share with all of us what a wine could do to her volume. This morning it was just Andy and I. Great! Happy with photo's too.
I'm missing my family especially my son. I read his blog before. I love him so much. He really knows how to appreciate his life.
Got to go, library staff are packing up. Don't want to be kicked out.

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