20 January 2006


I am happy to see my kids today after nearly a month. They got back from the Prom looking healthy and happy. They had a great time and were so grateful and content about themselves and their lives. I feel quite overwhelmed by joy about this. I really appreciate our lives and the great freedom and fun we have. We are very lucky and I guess I want to take a break today from recounting about Broken Hill to just say I am delighted with my life. I am pleasantly surprised by it. I honestly didn't think I would ever get to be this blissful. I still have mess to clean up and disorganisation and financial challenges and all the same old stuff, but my family and friends and lifestyle is brilliant and it means everything to me.
We had a downpour today and Tom was dancing in the rain and showering under the gutters. Yes my lawns need mowing!

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Anonymous said...

what a big freak. oh wait...
thats me..YEH.
and i was not dancing. for the record i was swimming.:)