28 January 2006


I have to take my daughter to the drs. She has sprained her ankle. This is my second visit for the week as my son also had to go on Tuesday because he had a badly infected throat. The dr wanted to give him a penicillin injection it was that bad, but sleep and tablets has repaired it. He is much better. I am concerned that he is not taking enough care of himself and I may need to interfere. I don't really tell my kids when to eat, sleep etc but maybe I will have to if he doesn't look after himself better. Daughter just fell in a hole. Not much I could do about that. From the moment you have kids you want to protect them from everything but you can't. Not that I do much at all to them other than want and worry and hope. I nag occasionally, but mostly I am too caught up in my own world to interfere too much with thiers. They are doing a great job of themselves though, so it isn't too bad a method.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea, joh. Exceptfor the fact that the boy knows how to handle himself. You making food for him does seem like a grea idea. I'm sure he'll like that one.