26 August 2007

'To the Boy in Berlin' by Elizabeth Honey and Heike Brandt

'To the Boy in Berlin' was shortlisted for the CBCA Awards Younger Readers category. Elizabeth Honey teams up with Heike Brandt to create a compassionate and tolerant duo of mystery solvers. The characters based in Australia and Germany email one another to satisfy the curiosity of Henni who has found some old things and began asking questions about the past. The kids share their current lives and the uncovering of the past. In usual Elizabeth Honey style the characters are powerful, proactive young people who use their resources and their communities to get their mission accomplished. It is also a very funny read.
Elizabeth Honey's Books
The character Henni, was earlier seen in the Stella Street books, which are among my favourite kids books. 'Remote Man' has been taught at our school to year 7 students and although I have read it to classes for over 7 years, I still get fresh insights from it. I enjoy the way Elizabeth Honey's characters use technology in empowering and positive ways. I love that they overcome distance to learn from kids in other countries. I always laugh and smile along the way.
Melbourne Writers Festival
Heike Brandt and Elizabeth Honey are at the 'Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program' tomorrow, as well as at other events, but they are speaking at the grade 5/6 level. I won't get to listen, but I would love to hear about their processes. Heike Brandt is a German author/translator, among other things, so their work would have been a great collaboration just like the characters in Honey's books. They write about their exchanges at the end of the book.

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