20 August 2007

Back to Living

Re-establishing Order
It's been a pretty demanding week, yet I am blessed with another day's grace from facing work. We have a mid-year break long weekend. Today I get my home in order! It's ridiculously messy and chaotic. I have been coming and going for almost a week. So many family members have been at my parents home and so I have spent most of my time there.
Little Incident
We had a thief in the early hours of Wednesday morning, last week. I disturbed him/her because I was sleepless and stepped out my front door and noticed the light on in my car. I panicked, rushed back into the house and locked the front door. I lay in bed really still hoping I was wrong. Pathetic reaction I know. When I told the men in my life the next day, they dismissed it as a reflection. With all the chaos, Andy didn't notice until Saturday that his good camera had disappeared from his car. He phoned the police, who came around and took a statement. An hour later they phoned to say they had the camera and had caught the culprit. Great result.
There is so much to say one day about my amazing grandfather. I am bursting with gratitude right in this moment for having been blessed with such a role model and loving person in my life. Other moments I feel crushed and just want to pop over and visit him one more time.
I have received so much support and love from others. Visits, flowers, chocolates, consoling books, phone calls and a most wonderful card from my students. The card had a loving message from each kid in my class and I can't find words to express how much that meant to me. I knew I had an awesome group this year and they just keep proving me right.
Raining Challenges
When I look back on the last two weeks, I feel strong. Apart from the shattering loss of Pa, I've had gastro/flu, a theft, we had a fire at our school and the art rooms burnt down last weekend (not that I was too helpful as I've been so absent lately) and numerous small incidents that occur when large families gather, yet it's over now and I am ready to return to living.

I'll leave you with this quote from my Pa that captures his essence brilliantly. He said this at my cousins wedding in his speech a couple of years ago:

"It doesn't matter what wealth or worldly goods you accumulate in this life, the most important asset you will ever acquire is your family"

Cyril Lyons 2005


Gary said...

I'm sorry about you losing your dad. I think it's such a huge thing in our paths as humans. I hope you have some fine memories to call on.

INteresting blog - really.

Joh said...

Thanks Gary, I like yours as well. I have amazing memories. He was a great storyteller!