01 August 2007


My last post has now become an embarrassment to me for several reasons. Firstly because it's ridiculous to believe that the Mars could look as big as the Moon. Secondly because there are some silly mistakes in it such as the use of 'cultivate' instead of 'culminate'. Thirdly because today I received an apology email from the person who originally sent me the email saying she was sorry but she had fallen for a hoax. Well me too!
I could make excuses and say it was the sleepless night before and the shooting star that caused me to be a little dazed, yet I'm not big on making or accepting excuses, I'd rather admit I'd made a mistake and grab the learning experience.
I could have deleted the post, and possibly should have, yet I often say I live to make others laugh, so the laugh is on me today.


Snoskred said...

Ah, we've all done that from time to time.. :) not to worry. ;)


Joh said...

Thanks Snoskred, I'll pay more attention next time! - I hope;-)