02 August 2007

Red Haze:Australians & New Zealanders in Vietnam

Leon Davidson has written a a non-fiction book that has been shortlisted for the Eve Pownall Award for Information Books. Reading Red Hazehas taught me a lot about the Vietnam war and Australia's involvement in it. I was a toddler when this war occurred and it's a good insight into the experience of the people who participated in this war.

Different perspectives of the war are shown and there is information the variety of people involved. He discusses each countries involvement, Australia and New Zealand is emphasised, yet the American and Vietnamese soldiers also make comments on their experience of the war. He tells the history of Vietnam leading up to this conflict and I felt I have more insight into the story from reading this.

For teachers the Curriculum Corporation has some notes to use this text for values education that is worth checking out.

Another CBCA Award Shortlist with red in the title. The other book I have read in this category is Queenie. I don't know how they judge a non-fiction book for older readers against a picture book. They were both excellent works.

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