12 March 2007

What did I do with My Extra Day?

I don't know, but I know it was good.

I have socialised more. I caught up with my good friends Wilma and Dallis, who are both looking fantastic and sound happy and well. It was the first time I had been to their new place. It's great and I can't believe I don't spend more time with them, they are good value.

I visited my pa and my Auntie Pat yesterday. Pa is not enjoying the best of health at the moment so I really feel for him. He has always been a strong fit man and although he doesn't complain, I can see it's hard for him to be unwell.

My son had 13 teenagers giggling upstairs last night. No word of a lie! They were so noisy!

I had visits from friends today. Rhonda and I shared a giggle at ourselves. My friend Rhonda is born on the same day as me and we seem to often have similar experiences. It is such a gift! Total empathy! I had another friend June drop in for a cuppa and she helped me to consume a yummy Bakers Delight bun, my thighs thank you June! I met June's sister, Teresa and her two beautiful grandchildren, as well as two great pooches.

I caught up with my parents who had just returned from Tasmania this afternoon. They look so happy and well. It makes me happy just to see them.

So all in all nothing's changed, I got the usual minimal housework done and a bit on time online fluffing around as I do and the usual exercise and sleep. It was nice though!

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