05 March 2007

Free Body Lotion - Forget It!

Today I received an advertising email offering free body lotion. I would actually prefer it if they took some of my body lotion away. It would be more enticing. I am having a day where materialism is sickening me. I feel that I want to shed most of my possessions because they are just a drag. We all just accumulate too much. What is it all for?
I actually cried today over an exhibition of rampant materialism as I perceived it, but I think I am feeling quite unwell at the moment so am possible more sensitive.
My year 9 class is studying poverty right now, so I wonder if this is having an effect on me. I have naturally been discussing the Millennium Goals with those around me. When we had the conversation in our curriculum team, some of the adults complained they were impossible and ridiculous. They didn't believe it was possible. This is why I love teenagers. They were optimistic and enthusiastic about it. They wanted to know what they could do to make it happen. They felt certain it was achievable and it was important to them to make it happen.



Kat said...

yay for the enthusiasm of teenagers [and teenagers at heart].

it's not directly related, but hav you heard about Earth Hour? I think the link's earthhour.org if you wanna check it out

Martin Stickland said...

The worst thing I hate is Christmas Joh, a three Month build up with non stop adverts showing us all the latest gifts we should buy. The greatest gift is surely quality time spent with your family and friends.

Joh said...

I will check it out directly. Yep, you were one of those enthusiastic teenagers once, and now, hey presto, an enthusiastic young person! I wonder when or how it goes away? At what point does a person throw up their hands and say 'I give up!'? Is the give up permanent? Hell this could be a whole post!

Joh said...

Martin, yep, time with those we love. Let's get back to the good things in life.

And Kat, that site is good. I think the school taped that show so I will no doubt do the 'greenie' thing and expose the current crop to it!