01 March 2007

Full Moon Eclipse?

I sure it has been the full moon eclipse business that has totally ruffled me this week. I have been tired, cranky, sad and unmotivated with no apparent reason. I have continued to exercise, but have not eaten well or recorded any stats. I have burnt meals and done last minute rushed shopping frequently.

I've had weird dreams about people I'm not really fond of and found them unexpectedly turning up in reality the next day, when I never see them and I like it like that. I haven't felt like doing any writing or creative stuff, much less disassembling the mounds of dirty clothes and trails of where I've been through the house.

Maybe it was the scary thunderstorm last night when my son was down the street and beloved was riding home on his dirt bike. I imagined all sorts of disasters striking either one of them, even whilst I knew it was saner and more pleasant to 'think positive thoughts'. Perhaps it was the heat and the rain making the heat kind of sticky rather than refreshing as I was hoping it would be.

Could be it was letting go of my daughter on the weekend and talking to her on the phone and hearing that she was tired, busy and sounded just a little overwhelmed and I couldn't get to her in an instant to help. Yet because I was moving house with daughter on the weekend I didn't do a great job of my housework and I was disorganised.

Not to mention all the consequences that flow on from those things such as not being totally prepared to teach each lesson and so getting further behind at school, or that there have been quite a fewinterruptions at school this week, such as swimming carnivals and thinkfests, all wonderful and important things that I love, yet interrupt the flow.

The good thing is that I woke this morning and thought, it's feeling better, and today was. It was much better. I achieved a lot and feel good.


Kat said...

Joh I'm glad I can still read what's happening in your life. This week sounds as if it was pretty full on for you and man, how much would that suck about the dream ppl!!
I'm so glad to hear that Thursday was better than the rest of the week -I hope Fri and today hav followed suit.
Much love,

Joh said...

Ta Kat, yeah it was mostly better. I'm a bit worried today I'm having a mid life crisis. But hey that'd be way too normal, so I doubt it.

Kat said...

I'm glad you realise that a midlife crisis is much to normal a thing to hapn to you! Hope the vibe gets better again.

speaking of normal, guess who was in the paper for being part of an environmental protest...

Joh said...

I can't guess, yet must say if it was you, you have my admiration! Make sure you clip it for me! Go you! Yes, I'm sure it was you.

Martin Stickland said...

I saw the eclipse up on the moors whilst walking and my friends asked me what an eclipse was, my first explanation was "it is when the sun goes between the Earth and the Moon" .......Duuuuuurrr! It would be rather hot!

Joh said...

Hahoha, that's funny. Was it cool to see? I read about your amazing walk. Wow, miles, not kilometers! You must only pretend to be an unfit sloth that boozes frequently. There's no way I could manage that! Unless of course you are a young person :-)