11 March 2007

Shopping Centre = Blah

I have been hunting for a couple of items such as a particular handbag and a couple of clothing items for way too long now. So I went to the shopping mecca that I've always heard 'real shoppers' (worlds apart from people like me who shop for things, not recreationally, to pass time), go to. It was so BLAH! I felt like BLAH when I was there. I was just obviously not prepared for it. Makeup less, casually (dare I say, comfortably) dressed and it was early in the morning I entered that large indoor glitzed up tin shed. Too many unhappy people, not enough natural lighting and air and way too many artificial conversations. "Heellooo, can I help you?" Blah!
This was yesterday. Andy had been hunted down by an intelligent and crafty marketer from the motorbike shop in Oakleigh and offered a test ride of a couple of motorbikes. This bothered me and excited him. I mean how aggressive and smart! Fortunately he survived the experience of that extra power without making a purchase. I should have given him more credit.

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