29 March 2006

Light in Darkness

When I visited pa yesterday he told me about the chemo he'd had. He said the nurses at the local hospital were fantastic and they treated him as a mother would treat you. This really touched me. My pa is 85 years old and his mother died when I was a baby. He hasn't had a mother for years and I felt so grateful to those nurses. I feel unable to help him at present. All I do is visit and listen to his stories, which I know is something, but you want to take away all the pain and trouble for those you love and it usually is impossible.

I realised that when people, like nurses, do their jobs with love, they are giving to so many. I reflect that back on myself and know that many parents feel concerned about their children at school and I hope I do my job with as much love as those nurses.

It's a new moon tonight. A good time to write out your goals for the month. There was also an eclipse that has been written about by all the astrologers so I won't go into it here except to say changes are supposed to be afoot. I have written my goals for the month. I strive to do this every month. Even if it is just to revisit my long term ongoing goals.

One of the astrologers I read (Yasmin Boland) advised to make a wish shortly after the eclipse, which was 9.11 in Australian time. I thought about this for a long time today. I used to make wishes with a lot more ease when I was younger. Having made plenty of wishes in my life and having had most of them come true, I am now a lot more careful about what I wish for. Sometimes the consequences of getting what you want are not exactly how you had envisioned it. I wished for more love on the planet. I think that's pretty safe, at least I hope so.

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