14 March 2006

Less is More

I have decided I am bogged down because I have too much stuff. I can’t keep up with the maintenance on everything I have. One of the simple pleasures in life for me is buying books, but since I have no more room on any of the book cases in my home and don’t want to sacrifice any more space to furniture, I have had to rationalise my books and other stuff around the place. As I have been going through my books I have discovered a number of books that I have two of. How insane is that. So much stuff that I don’t know what I have and then buy it again not realising I have it.
I used to be an interior decorator. I studied Feng Shui for a couple of years and wanted to be a practitioner. I loved Feng Shui, it made sense to me. The teacher Roger Green was fabulous and I hung on to his every word. I didn’t get the opportunity to complete my practitioner course as I sold my business and decided to become a teacher to be more available to my children, but I still apply much of what I learnt to my own life and have continued studying and learning about feng shui informally.
I remember I had a client once who asked me to ‘fix’ her space. It was overloaded with stuff. She had so much clutter and mess and it was all good and expensive stuff. She wanted it all gone and didn’t have time to go through it all and make it how she wanted it. She didn’t have time to sell it or sort it. She gave it all away or rather I did, to charity. She paid me large sums of money to do this before I could even start decorating and space improving. I remember thinking I would never allow myself to get into such a mess. I nearly have though.
I am going to think more carefully about what I purchase and I am going to remember that space has value.

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