16 March 2006


I'm a Sagittarius. My moon is in Pisces and Venus in Mars in Capricorn. Jupiter is in Gemini. I am not sure about my ascendant because my mum can't remember exactly what time I was born. For years I thought it was Capricorn, cause I thought I was born around 7.30am, but recently mum said she remembers I was born at daybreak, because she heard the birds carrying on as they do just as the sun rises, as I was born, so this could be around 5.00ish at that time of year in Victoria. This would make me Sagittarius ascendant. Who knows?
I am a snake in Chinese Astrology.
Ok, I'll admit it. I love astrology. I consult it daily and although I promptly forget what I have read and doubt whether it is very accurate at times, I totally enjoy reading it. I wonder if it is the way astrologers write that draws me in. My two favourite ones are Yasmin Boland and Mystic Medusa. They are interesting and they explain away the craziness in some days. It's just fun mostly but I also find it helpful in understanding other people. It helps decode the patterns of life and there are definite star signs that I can be at ease with. My closest friend whom I have the most face to face contact with is born on the same day as me, different year though! She also has the same middle name, bit spooky. It is an unusual name too, so it's not like it was the favourite hit of the times. We often get to work and find we have had exactly the same kind of morning with our kids or our classes. We have both been in the decorating business before moving to education. The coincidences and similarities are funny and interesting and add to my conviction that there is definitely something to astrology. No matter what all the rational men in my life try to tell me!!

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