17 March 2006

Leisure time

I haven't had time like this for ages and I love it. Andy has worked this week, the kids have been mostly occupied outside the house and it has just been Ella and I mooching around the house. I have It is great to have no set agenda and to be able to just potter about from one project or chore to another.
I have listened to Kate Bush. The family bought me the new CD Aerial for my birthday but they complain loudly when I listen to it, so it has been great to having it blaring with no complaints.
I have resumed work on my mosaic table and come up with a design I really like. Nearly two years ago I began it and managed to complete the border and then I was stuck. I had some ideas about what I wanted but no real clear vision. The other night in bed, it all came together in my head. Tom had been using the incomplete table for the computer upstairs and now that Asha has her own computer he has moved his into the desk in his bedroom. Ah the luxury of wireless! Anyway whilst I was cleaning up there I noticed the now vacant half finished table and thought, I must finish that, as you do. Then I got the vision in bed and now I am steaming along each night whilst I watch TV, crunching up tiles and positioning and I am delighted with how it is coming together. I will put a photo up when I have finished, but in the meantime, here is the photo of the mask I made at school last year. Another thing I said I'd do but hadn't got around to it.
It is like a spiral of completions. I have noticed this before, once you start making positive progress in keeping agreements or completing things, it creates like a current taking you further into that direction with more force and ease. It is a good spiral.

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