17 February 2007

Happy Chinese New Years Eve - Year of the Boar/Pig

I find Chinese New Year a lot more gracious than Western New Year. I don't have to worry about who will get hurt, there doesn't seem to be as much self destructive revelry. This wikipedia entry gives the history and traditions associated with this festivity. It is a more domestic and family centered celebration. I like it.

The Year of the Boar promises:

Times Online: Pig of a Year? On the contrary...
Motley Fool: Year of The Pig: Squealing with Delight
Boston Globe: Fortune:Year of Pig will bring disaster

You can stay up to date with other news about the Year of the Pig on Google News.

Astrologers Predictions are found on this page. I am a philosophical snake so it looks like whilst finances will be good, health could need attention.

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