18 February 2007

Dieting and Chocolate

I have being doing great with my exercising and have improved my fitness. I am using an exercise machine and started off being able to do 6 kms in 20 minutes and now can do over 8. It is taking a lot more to get my heart rate up and I feel generally better.

My diet however has not been sustained, so I am not losing any weight. I find low carb diets work well for me, but the chocolate always continues to beckon me. Low Carb chocolate is expensive and doesn't scratch the itch. I am going to have to just bite the bullet though and deprive myself of this pleasure to get the weight off.

I will have to satisfy myself with reading about it, perhaps at Chocolate Dreams.

1 comment:

Martin Stickland said...

I really feel for you as I sit here eating my chocolate bar and dunking my chocolate cookies into my cup of hot chocolate whilst listening to the pop group hot chocolate play on the radio.

I am not helping am I?