25 January 2007

Wollongong Trip - Mt Kosciusko

We spent our next day at Kosciusko National Park. Andy wanted to do the walk to Mt Kosciusko, which was a 20km round trip.We were departing from Charlotte's Pass.

I opted for the walk to the glacial lake, which was 8km return. I think I stopped about a km short. It was really steep and being as unfit as I am I kept looking back at the steep downward slope I had come down at the start and knowing that was going to be at the end, wore me down mentally. Andrew’s walk was a round trip so he had to come up that climb at the end and admitted it was the steepest part of the walk.

As we headed back to Jindabyne to go through on our way to Cooma, a hail storm struck. It was amazing that only a few days ago we had been worried about bushfires. I believe the bushfires eventually got to Kosciusko National Park earlier this month.

We stayed in a motel at Cooma as we were tired and the thought of camping didn’t appeal.

Driving to Charlotte's Pass from Jindabyne clips are here and here

Lookout 1, 2 and 3

Walk clips 1 and 2

Leaving the National Park

The Hail Stones

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Martin Stickland said...


Thanks for popping by my blog and I am glad you like my photos!

Hey! A nice looking blog you have here, when I have some time off I will pop back again to see what you have been up to.

I see you like Kate Bush from your profile, I watched her video 'woman’s work' via youtube.com the other day and it is a great song.

I just watched one of your videos of you driving through some lovely hills, isn’t blogging just great! Can you imagine if we had said to someone 100 years ago that we would be able to see the journey taken through the eyes of people travelling on the other side of the world? They would have locked us up and thrown away the key!

Do me a big favour and send me some of your lovely Australian sun, I am fed up with this pissy English weather!

All the best!

Kind Regards