28 January 2007


We stayed in Wollongong for a week. Our accommodation was basic but central. We stayed at Keiraview Accommodation. It is university accommodation and it was clean and the people were really very helpful. It was really noisy at night,I am not accustomed to being inner city any more.
Wollongong is a large city with a beautiful beach basically. I loved the rock pools and the beach. The shopping centre was as all shopping centres are, only useful if you want to purchase something. My favourite shop was called "Something for Doris", such a cool name and a nice lady. I didn't purchase anything there, but enjoyed my browse.
The art gallery was good, but I was looking specifically for my cousin's artwork, I had hoped his collection would be on show, but it wasn't, so I was a little disappointed in that. There were some really cool rooms inside that building. There was a great supermarket across the road from the place we stayed and I bought lotus moon cakes and ate them for breakfast. I liked them.

Rock Profile
Balcony at Keiraview


Martin Stickland said...

Clever chap your cousin!

I like a good art gallery.

My sister is doing a University degree in art...lucky old so and so

Have a great week!

Joh said...

He's amazing, I really admire artists for all the choices they make and the guts they have to put themselves out there like that.
Thanks for stopping by Martin. I have been enjoying your amazing blog also, it is as you said in your last comment such an awesome time we live in when we can get these insights into other lives, so far away!

You have a great week too!