17 January 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am home. I love returning after a long holiday, especially when I've done a bit of camping, everything seems so comfortable and easy! I will write about my trip as I have handwritten daily since I have been away and have many little stories to tell.
I have returned home to my son having two broken hands and a black eye. He fell over and broke his hands outside a shop in town. Whilst he was away a cricket ball hit him in the eye. I am concerned about him.
I spent the afternoon transporting the stuff from the car to the house and have yet to do all the washing and proper unpacking. My family and friends called around to catch up so the afternoon was mostly pleasantly spent and now the work lies before me.
I have heaps of email and feeds to scan and mostly delete, because I feel I would never catch up. I have a pile of snail mail to work through. I read 5 books and saw a few movies whilst I was away so I'll also be mentioning them down the track. I will start today uploading some of the video I took on this trip, on to Revver.
We travelled through the hills to Woolongong and spent a week there and home via the coast. It was a great trip.

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