29 November 2005

This is so cool

I really can't believe I have done this. It wasn't that hard really. I like writing. The 'novel' is lacking a great storyline and quite a few other features that would make it enjoyable for other people to read to be frank with myself as well as you, but I learnt that I could actually keep up the daily writing thing with ease and quite a lot of pleasure besides. This was good. I am going to do this again. I made it. Woot! - as the kids at school say. I would celebrate only I don't especially feel like drawing attention to myself. I am happy and satisfied on the inside and that's heaps for me.
The other cool thing I must own is that I am so close to finishing my reports that I may just be celebrating that tomorrow night. I really have a great feeling that I have taken my life back under my own control. Feels good!

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