01 June 2007

Courage to Care

This week has been excursion week for me. I think I have overdone it a little. I've been out 3 out of the general 5 working days at school. On Tuesday and today I went to Leongatha to the 'Courage to Care' exhibition. We took all our year 9 students to this event and since our school motto is 'Strong Minds, Compassionate Hearts', I think it was a valuable use of time.

The stories and speakers were courageous and focussed not on the horrors of their experiences but of the heroism of those who supported their survival of these wicked times. The exhibition has display boards of stories of the righteous.

The discussion groups after the talks and viewing the display helped us to apply the lessons and to see how we must retain our humanity and resist prejudice, treating all people as humans.


[m i s s_ j e s s i c a] said...

..In an ideal world

Joh said...

Yes, one day, soon I hope.

Imaginif said...

What a fantastic outing for all the students. There's so many people be courageous and raising awareness about survival.
Congratulations to you for getting something out of it and blogging on your experience. Thank you.

Joh said...

Thanks imaginif. Your blog is inspiring also and gives me hope.