02 February 2006

Daylight Saving - don't you just love it.

Tonight we went for a walk down town at around 7.00pm. We walked through the park. It was mild and the light was perfect. I really appreciate the summer and daylight saving. It gives life a leisurely feel. There is time to enjoy the stroll down town, and still achieve a bit of housework and cook a worthwhile meal after work.
I had a good day at work and met my final class. The students were all respectful and well behaved and I hope that I can ensure the classes are interesting and challenging enough to keep them this way. I do love teaching. I know I can build a good relationship with the students. I enjoy learning and improving my skills and knowledge with them. I love getting to know them as people and sharing in this small year of their lives. It is a real privilege I think to be a teacher.

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